the production of just one pair of jeans requires:

3625 liters of water (the same amount of water one person uses for basic needs for around 2.5 years)

3 kg of chemicals (which are highly toxic, carcinogenic and therefore poisonous for our land and people)

400MJ of energy (which is like leaving a light bulb on for 116 days) 

13 square meters of harvested land

These numbers might seem surreal, but unfortunately it is the frustrating reality if you look at the process from the cotton cultivation to the arrival of the jeans to the shelf of the store.

Fashion industry uses scarce resources so extensively and the same time tons of denim and other textiles end up on landfill sites every minute. 

At Nearon Studio we are trying to redefine fashion by upcycling second-hand denim and vintage pieces by turning them into these eco-friendly designs. 

We embrace upcycling as a way to reduce overproduction and waste but also as way to celebrate the craftsmanship of our high skilled tailors who create these timeless one-of-a-kind garments. 

October 29, 2023 — Maryna Nearonova