Upcycling fashion brand from Vienna

Reinventing Fashion. Celebrating Women

At Nearon we celebrate the power of women's unity. Our upcycled designs are not just about clothes, it's our canvas for embracing diversity and individuality while holding close and supporting each other.

Founded by women, we're a proud all-female team dedicated to delivering high-quality, eco-friendly fashion for those who value a mindful lifestyle, right from their wardrobe.

Place a custom order!

As we upcycle our designs from vintage and denim, most of them are truly one-of-a-kind and available in very limited pieces and sizes.

However, we are very happy to take custom orders and can recreate our styles tailor-fitted to every unique body and shape. WITH NO EXTRA COSTS:)

Nearon community
Nearon community
I was pleasantly surprised that no in-person meetings were needed for my custom-tailored piece from Nearon. The whole process was handled online, and the girls were incredibly helpful. My set fits me like a glove, is very comfy and soft - and all that through online communication only!
Nearon community
The quality of Nearon's pieces is truly remarkable - the stitching, every detail is so fine, you will really see the difference!
Nearon community
Nearon designs are just so stylish! I would never say they were upcycled, however they really changed my outlook on fashion and inspired to move towards a more sustainbale wardrobe :)